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  • Mitch Ware

The 7-Minute Scoop: The Call to Volunteer

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

When someone is feeling a call to volunteer, hospice organizations are not typically on the top of many lists because people are uncomfortable being exposed to death and dying. In this episode, Mitch offers a very different perspective of why people volunteer for hospice and how being there for people on an end of life journey can be a very rewarding blessing.

Also - Mitch tells us the several different ways you can volunteer and give back through a hospice organization that doesn't require one on one experiences with the patient.

"People wonder why on earth would anyone want to be around people who are dying and families that are grieving? Isn't that the biggest bummer you can think of? Truth be told, I was like that too. Until death came calling in my family and I finally saw and understood what death is."

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